Sunny Leone Hot Boob Show in Jism 2 Still

Jism 2 Stills, 17/07/2012

Sunny Leone shows her hot asset in this newly leaked still from her upcoming controversial adult movie Jism 2.

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone shows off her big boobs in Jism 2 still

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  1. ujjwal kumar says:

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  2. Desi says:

    Sunny Leone is the hottest babe on planet. She rocks..

  3. sexy boy says:

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  4. MILTON ROKZ............ says:

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  5. Jagroop says:

    I heard and read a lot about one of most hyped film ”JISM2”. People were divided in their view of film. So called film Pundit were giving their THIS & THAT about film. As an audience I liked a few film of Mr. Mahesh Bhatt. Romantic thriller is not my genre. On Monday I happened to watch film in theatre. As theatre was not equipped with state of art tools so it’s better to keep Audio part out of discussion. Before taking decision to go and watch film I read some of critic’s article. One of the critics said that whole film is OK except script. Someone wrote that Sunny and Arunodya singh didn’t do well. Myself as I said Romantic thriller is not my preferred choice but I still like this film including script. When a writer writes some ideas on paper to make a flow of story, at the same time we can say that there could be some other suggestions/options to portray same thing. As everybody is unique so is the ideas. Naturally if same Mahesh Bhatt tries to rewrite same story after one year from now he might come up with some better ideas to accommodate. But in a given time and scenario someone has to hold a stand somewhere to move the project forward. Randeep Hooda did a fantastic job. Sunny and Arunodya with given experience as actors did a satisfactory job. Puja Bhatt as a director did a good job. So is music and cinematography. Only reservation about film is that very last climax looks like wrapped in hasty. It doesn’t mean that drama is not there. It is there but director should have also worked on cinematic part of climax as she did in first half of film. I think what hurt the film most was its negative publicity. Now question is about nudity and erotica. No doubt film is not meant for family but still if as Indians if we are fond of Ajanta & Elora than it is not that morally bad as it was projected in media. Better director should have cut a few body posture shots without compromising substance of film to gain U certificate from censor. Secondly, showing intimate scenes in promo and on posters also worked negatively. As a matter of fact if we watch film without being prejudice, we may find even intimacy was shown in an artistic way according to the demand of story. I think there are 2 type of group in media and in Bollywood. A few of them are liberal when it comes to bracing new ideas and people in industry. Second type of people for their own reasons are prejudice to see that how a person who was a known adult film star can change herself in to a new Avtar in main stream cinema. Rating 3 out of 5.

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